Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 2 : Strategic Brief

Project Definition :
The project is to redesign the Courts Mammoth Malaysian website, with functional design that portray the identity of Courts and provide easy access for consumers to Courts Mammoth’s updates.

Current Site Analysis Goals :
The site should serve as a portal for consumers to check out promotions and products, as well as get to know more about Courts Mammoth through their profile and events page.

Client’s Analysis :
Courts Mammoth is a furniture and electronics retailer which has been in Malaysia for 24 years. Their mission is “to be the most customer orientated, profit focused retailer making aspirational home products easily affordable.”
 Courts Mammoth’s USP include their sleep clinic, a service which provides independant expert consultation on solutions for a customer’s sleeping problems.

Short and Long-term Site Goals :
The long term goal of the site is to further establish Courts Mammoth’s presence in Malaysia as an electronics and furniture retailer.
To achieve that, the short term goals of the site would be to improve the consumer’s accessibility (and experience) to check for latest promotions and features. In effect, turnout at events or promotion periods should increase and thus the familiarity towards Courts Mammoth as well.

Target Audience (amended) :
Young adults are the more suitable target audience for electronics and furniture. Their age group would be around 25-35 - some of them may have just started a family and bought a house; some are occasionally expanding their furniture to accommodate more people in their home; and some would be interested to upgrade their home electronics (example: buying a bigger tv).

Competitor’s Analysis :
Competitor websites have a few things in common :


-          - Design is consistent through website to enhance brand identity
-          - Either use their brand colors or keep it simple (lines and boxes)


-          - Promotions  / services / events are highlighted on the home page
-          - Online organized gallery of their products / product brands
-          - Mailing list to recieve promotional updates
-          - Make it easy for clients find their stores / contact

Idea and Concept Implementation :

The redesign of the Courts Mammoth website aims to make it more appealing to a generation of users who have become quite used to acquiring information from websites, thus will not be very patient with bad navigation and colors / text / graphics which strain the eye and mind.

The new design will have more harmonious colors as well as a more organized layout (not to mention consistent look), and feel more user-friendly at the same time slightly more sophisticated and fresh.

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