Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"How To"s

#1 : How to make 'sigs'

- Who am I : a forum user
- What is it : a digital signature
(image from

- What for : used in forums / websites as an identity

1st Task : Preparing the image (rendering)
2nd Task : Creating the flow (smudging, etc)
3rd Task : Adding additional effects (tweak colors, add text, etc)

Outcome : upload the sig to be used
Showcase : Best of sigs

#2 : How to make an interesting Scanography

- Who am I : a bored designer
- What is it : an interesting self-portrait

(image from

- What for : some inspiration for bored designers

1st Task : Gather your everyday items (or things that represent you), a scanner
2nd Task : Arrange your items and scan (eyes should be closed)
3rd Task : Edit your photos for other effects (lomo, underwater, etc)

Outcome : An interesting self-portrait that speaks for itself
Showcase : Uses (namecard, message, etc)

#3 : How to meditate
- Who am I : just a regular person
- What is it : meditation
- What for : peace and happiness in life

1st Task : find a quiet place and sit down comfortably
2nd Task : practice breathing meditation
3rd Task : single-pointed focus

Outcome : benefits from a calm and peaceful mind (happy even in difficult circumstances)
Showcase : quotes of wisdom from meditators

Saturday, September 11, 2010


so we're back for another semester on blogging i mean... multimedia design.

coming up : Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials + interesting website references.