Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Question: Why do you want to use flowchart in your mobile interface design and screen interface design? How will it help your users to meet the interactive goals?

I would like to use flowcharts in my interface designs because it helps me structure thoughts into a system. Based on computer language, everything starts from the basic 'yes / no' choice system. Using that system, we can show users the function of the machine and at the same time make it easier for them to achieve what they need without long explanations, because the machine will guide them step-by-step to what they want. All in all, that is basically what interface design aims to do, 'interface' meaning a surface for interaction, therefore as designers i assume our role is to create simple but effective interfaces.
Flowcharts can help users to meet their goals by providing a step-by-step question and answer sequence until the user reaches what they want. The steps are dynamic, they can be reset or redone. In the process of creating the flowchart, designers consider what the consumer wants to do with the machine and finds an effective or innovative solution to design an interactive face.

Monday, January 25, 2010


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pixel art

some amazing pixel art compiled at

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 things that describe me

10 things that describe me

1. I'm like a chicken - i like waking up early in the morning.

2. I'm like water - restless when there is wind (distraction), calm when there's none.

3. I'm like a walking stick - helping people get back on their feet.

4. I'm like an air-con (someone says antartica) - my jokes make people feel 'cold'.

5. I'm like a rubbish bin - i finish up whatever's left on people's plates.

6. I'm like a 32GB pendrive - small but able to eat alot.

7. I'm like a porcupine - my words can sometimes hurt, unintentionally.

8. I'm like a leaky pen - clumsily making a mess when i'm trying to help.

9. I'm like a common rock - down to earth, not aiming to live extravagantly.

10. I'm like a rolling stone on a slope - moving and gathering dirt (experience) in life.