Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trip to National Museum

    Among the topics covered in the Museum, there were some topics I was quite interested in. The first would be ancient burial methods. These methods vary across different cultures (and Eras), and are as interesting as some are mysterious.

   Take for example the Chinese hanging coffins. These coffins are placed at the face of the cliff, and Discovery Channel had documented the custom of bringing up coffins up the cliff and the tradition itself.

Chinese Hanging Coffins

   Another topic I'm interested in is the interaction between the Kings and Rulers of different lands before the modern ages (when Malacca was still a country on its own), for example China and Malacca, or Thailand and Malacca. They often sent gifts to each other to uphold the friendship between countries. China would send gifts to Malacca which represented royalty, which has left a legacy of identity in our history. Thailand (then known as Siam) was given Gold and Silver tree sculptures.

Gold Tree given to Thailand (Siam)

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